Overwhelming Depression is a medium quest situated next to the Den Of Evil. The quest is about how he woke up in the tent he is located in with amnesia. The player searches around Wynn for the suspect.

Overwhelming Depression
Difficulty Medium
Territory Plains Coast
Location Coastal Trail
Level 11
Reward As follows
  • 1500 Experience Points
  • Den Key
  • 200 Emeralds

Stage 1 Edit

»Talk to Samm at the coastal trail.

Province Territory X Z
Wynn Plains Coast -162 -2162


  • Samm: Huh? Where am I?
  • Samm: Who are you, and what are you doing here?
  • Samm: And... Why am I here? I don't remember anything...
  • Samm: Why did the amnesia have to happen to me! The only thing I remember is my name!
  • Samm: I only remember farming crops, before being knocked out.
  • Samm: Maybe the person who hit me was in the Detlas Suburbs, as that was where I was. Go search there!

Stage 2 Edit

»Search the Detlas Suburbs.


  • ???: You wonder if this cave is what Samm was talking about, maybe you should ask him...

Stage 3: Edit

»Tell Samm about the cave you found.


  • Samm: Hmm... a cave? That must be it! Go investigate it. It may have the information we need.
  • Samm: There should be evidence. Bring me back 10 of whatever evidence you can find, and put it into the hopper inside my tent for me to investigate.
  • Samm: Good luck, report back to me when done.

Stage 4: Edit

»Explore the cave, and bring back Samm 10 Amnesia Pieces.

Stage 5: Edit

Talk to Samm.


  • Samm: Hmm... could this be it? Amnesia pieces...
  • Samm: I do feel a powerful aura from these...
  • Samm: ...
  • ???: Everything drifts to black.

Stage 6 Edit

Find a way out of Corrupted Suburbs.

Stage 7 Edit


  • Samm: Whoa, hey, are you awake? Please don't be dead...
  • Samm: Oh! You're awake! Yes!
  • Samm: I still have amnesia, but I have made a discovery!
  • Samm: I studied the nearby Den of Evil, and figured you'll be able to teleport to Corrupted Detlas By going to a portal inside this Den!
  • Samm: It requires a key though. Luckily, I have it! You can also go back to the Corrupted Suburbs, but it requires 10 more Amnesia Pieces from that fierce cave.
  • Samm: Thank you so much for your help! I have finally discovered my history. Here is the key to the den.

Tips Edit

  • The secret cave is located at X: 200 Z: -1657.
  • The secret cave contains level 8 spiders, and a common level 10 Superspider.
  • You can go back to the Corrupted Suburbs by going back to the cave, getting 10 more Amnesia Pieces, and dropping it into the hopper inside Samm's tent.
  • If you go into the cave before starting the quest, it shows the message, You hear weeping from this cave. You back out.
  • It is found out how Samm got his amnesia in the quest Dear Nostalgia.