Ragnimagination is an easy level 4 quest. It is about Yudi, who found someone who passed out, as the player must find out what and how to make the unconscious person conscious.

Difficulty Easy
Territory Ragni Main Entrance
Location Ragni
Level 4
Reward As follows:
  • 300 Experience Points
  • 30 Emeralds

Stage 1 Edit

»Talk to Yudi.

Province Territory X Z
Wynn Ragni Main Entrance -760 -1516


  • Yudi: Someone, someone! Please help!
  • Yudi: Recruit, please help! I found this person, unconscious, next to Ragni's Main Entrance!
  • Yudi: I have a friend named Kylie. Kylie is a doctor, much better than me, so she should know what to do.
  • Yudi: Please, be quick!

Stage 2 Edit

»Find Kylie and talk to her.


  • Kylie: No need for introductions! Yudi contacted me.
  • Kylie: So someone passed out near Ragni's Main Entrance?
  • Kylie: That is not good. The only way someone can pass out abruptly like that is a process called Ragnimagination.
  • Kylie: It is named after Ragni because of the amount of casualties there.
  • Kylie: The only way to stop it is to gain an item called a Imagine Shard.
  • Kylie: Imagine Shards can only be obtained from special caves.
  • Kylie: Luckily, one seems to be right in the middle of the Nivla Forest.
  • Kylie: I'll contact Yudi, give 5 [Imagine Shards] to her when done.

Stage 3 Edit

»Hunt for [Imagine Shards].

Stage 4 Edit

»Hand 5 [Imagine Shards] over to Yudi.


  • Yudi: Do you have the Imagine Shards?
  • Yudi: Great! Now... Kylie told me to think and relax, and the casualty should regain consciousness...
  • Yudi: ...
  • Yudi: ...
  • Casualty: *Groan*
  • Yudi: ...
  • Casualty: Whuff, huh? Why aren't there any flying pink elephants?
  • Yudi: It worked!
  • Casualty: What worked?
  • Yudi: Recruit, thank you so much!
  • Casualty: I am completely confused.

Tips and Trivia Edit

  • Unlike many other caves, the Imagine Shard cave can be went in even before the quest has started.
  • Imagine Shards are also used for the quest Dear Nostalgia.