System Error is a medium level 4 quest that is located in Ragni, at -831, -1680. It's about a man named Celab, who created a machine that is now going berserk. The player must find a way to stop the machine.

System Error
Difficulty Medium
Territory North Ragni
Location Ragni
Level 4
Reward As follows:
  • 400 Experience Points
  • 30 Emeralds

Stage 1 Edit

»Talk to Celab.

Province Territory X Z
Wynn North Ragni -831 -1680


  • Celab: No, no, no! Stop malfunctioning!
  • Machine: I... Will... Not... Follow... Orders...
  • Celab: Wha, what?
  • Machine: You Will... Not... Find Me...
  • ???: The Machine dashes off to an unknown location.
  • Celab: Oh no... This is not good...
  • Celab: You see, adventurer, that machine was meant to protect Ragni.
  • Celab: But instead it ran off, a sure indication it malfunctioned. This is a problem, as it will reverse it's mechanics, imposing as a danger to Ragni.
  • Celab: You must help me. I have a friend named Rody, who lives in a hut in Nivla Forest.
  • Celab: He helped me design this machine, he should know about what to do.

Stage 2 Edit

»Find Rody in the depths of the Nivla Forest.


  • Rody: Hey, what are you doing here?
  • Rody: You see, Detlas needs me to-
  • Rody: Wait, what?
  • Rody: Celab's machine malfunctioned and ran off?
  • Rody: That is not good. The only way that the machine can malfunction is if it's circuits have been reversed.
  • Rody: You must destroy the machine, as if it is in the wild, it could kill many.
  • Rody: I am deeply sorry in how much you are traveling, but you have to find a person who saw the robot.
  • Rody: The witness should have information of where it went.
  • Rody: Bring me a Crushed Arm and a Robotic Brain to prove the machine met it's demise.

Stage 3 Edit

»Find a witness of the robot.


  • Witness: Did you see that robot?
  • Witness: It really suprised me, because Wynn has never seen a robot before, and Gavel is the place where those things really come from.
  • Witness: Oh, you want to know where it went?
  • Witness: It went into a cave near the farm on the edge of the coastal trail. But be careful, it looks like something dangerous!

Stage 4 Edit

»Kill the Malfunctioning Machine deep inside the cave.

Stage 5 Edit

»Bring Rody the Crushed Arm and Robotic Brain.


  • Rody: Oh, the machine is gone now?
  • Rody: Wonderful! Now Ragni is truly safe!
  • Rody: I'll send Celab a message that Ragni is safe.
  • Rody: Thank you, you deserve this reward.

Tips and Trivia Edit

  • The machine in stage one is an iron block with levers on it's side and a robot head.
  • The Malfunctioning Machine has a rare Legendary item, all classes, drop. The legendary items are the Malfunctioner (Mage), Metal Cutter (Assassin), Robotic Spear (Warrior) and Steel Piercer (Archer).
  • The cave is located at X: -856, Z: -1996.
  • If you enter the cave early, you get teleported out, along with a message that says, You are unsure about entering this cave... yet.
  • The witness is located at -778, -1942.
  • Warning! There is a rare chance a Decrepit Sewers Key Guardian may spawn inside the cave.