The Identifying is an easy level 3 quest. It is a training quest about the importance of identifying items.

The Identifying
Difficulty Easy
Territory Maltic Plains
Location Maltic Plains
Level 3
Reward As follows:
  • 300 Experience Points
  • 20 Emeralds

Stage 1 Edit

»Talk to Ascento.

Province Territory X Z
Wynn Maltic Plains -519 -1798


  • Ascento: Hmm... list of things I must do today...
  • Ascento: Water the wheat, yes, sell my rotten flesh, yes...
  • Ascento: Get proper drinking water, yes, identify my new wand...
  • Ascento: ...
  • Ascento: Oh, hello, adventurer. I'm wondering if you could help me a bit.
  • Ascento: I need to identify this wand, as I will use it for many purposes.
  • Ascento: There should be an identifier on the side of the Emerald Trail somewhere.
  • Ascento: Once done identifying, bring the weapon back to me.
  • Ascento: Thank you, adventurer. Bring me back 1 [Identified Wand].

Stage 2 Edit

»Identify the [Unidentified Wand].

Stage 3 Edit

»Bring the [Identified Wand] back to Ascento.


  • Ascento: Oh yes, thank you young adventurer!
  • Ascento: I can now use this wand at its' full capacity.
  • Ascento: I cannot thank you enough. It has saved me a lot of time and effort.
  • Ascento: My advice is that you should always identify a Unique, Rare, Legendary, or, the rarest type of weapon, Mythic item if it has a use to you.
  • Ascento: Thank you. You deserve this reward.

Tips and Trivia Edit

  • There is no way to prepare for this quest.
  • the [Identified Wand] has 1-3 damage, indicating the fact that Mages and Dark Wizards won't steal the wand and use it.