Zombies In Ruins is an easy level 7 quest, and is located at the Zombie Ruins where level 5 and 7 zombies spawn. It is about a villager named Rye, who dropped her bracelet into the Zombie Ruin Cave, and the player has to find a way to get it back from the zombies.

Zombies In Ruins
Difficulty Easy
Territory Emerald Trail
Location Zombie Ruin Cave
Level 7
Reward As follows:

Stage 1 Edit

»Talk to Rye.

Province Territory X Z
Wynn Emerald Trail -500 -1565


  • Rye: Huh, who are you? I have a problem right now, can't you see?
  • Rye: I dropped my bracelet down into the zombie hole, and I don't know what to do...
  • Rye: Now those zombies will have it forever...
  • Rye: Huh? Wait, you can help?
  • Rye: Yeah, sure! But be careful, those zombies are brutal...

Stage 2 Edit

»Go down Zombie Ruin Cave, and retrieve Rye's Bracelet.

Stage 3 Edit

»Get back up to Rye.


  • Rye: Can it be... you actually found it?
  • Rye: Amazing! You're just amazing!
  • Rye: I cannot thank you enough, but you should go now, as lots of other people need help.
  • Rye: Oh yeah, you can have my other bracelet if you want!
  • Rye: Good luck on your journey!

Tips Edit

  • The Zombie Ruins occasionally spawn a Level 10 Infected Soldier. Avoid these if you come across one!
  • Rye's Minor Bracelet can be traded to an Item Buyer for lots of emeralds.
  • Try to stay on your feet, because the boss, a Level 10 Zombie, has 90 Health, 12-14 damage, and only this zombie drops the bracelet.